Before the Ride is Over


As soon as we arrived in the lake side community yesterday a young man begin to ask if we wanted to go on a boat tour of the islands. We said we might. He got the number of our host and called us several times that night asking what time we would like the cruise.

He was quite a salesman. After the meetings yesterday we came out and there he was waiting on us and asked if we were going to go on the tour.

We finally said we would. I told the guys we should have told him we will go on your tour but we want you to come to the meeting. I saw it as a missed opportunity. Pastor Eddy said don’t worry before this tour is over He will know Jesus.

The young man was about 25 had a wife and a four year old. We didn’t know it but his wife had been attending pastor eddy’s church and bringing their son and had been born again.

So eddy sets by him, the tour was about 45 minutes to an hour. Eddy explained to him the difference between religion and actually having a personal relationship with Jesus. Being born again. In the middle of the ride pastor eddy shouts to the front of the boat he has given his life to Christ. We looked back and the young man was standing, clapping his hands and smiling ear to ear.

By the time the ride was over they had worked out when he would be water baptized and connected him to the church and exchanged numbers.

It was the single most effective evangelistic effort I’ve ever seen. Which leads me to say, American church stop complicating it, let’s make up our mind to do it, and then maybe before this ride called life is over we will have reached them all.


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