Tell me the Story of Jesus

On our way up north today we had the opportunity to talk to a new friend. As we talked his story begin to unfold. When in Rwanda it’s not good to go around asking everyone what tribe they are from or the story of what they have gone through, some are not ready to talk about it, while it brings bad feelings up for others.

We were just getting to know one another. At the end of his story he said, “I love God, because he preserved me and my people and reconciled us with those who tried to wipe us out.”

This is a sharp young man, this is a young man that has held a position with the government. He has been to the US and earned his masters degree in finance. One of the single most resilient young men I’ve ever met, with a spirit that would make you think he’d never had a bad day in his life.

What he went through was trying, terrifying and terrible. They came to his home and killed his entire family, butchered and stole all of the family livestock, and tried to kill him, beating him until they thought he was dead not realizing he was alive and ultimately hid in the bush for 6 months barely surviving, oh and I forgot to mention he was 12 at the time.

He says Jesus has saved his life. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience such horror, and devastation.

If you want to know if Jesus is real, consider this, what, but Gods grace would give a man the strength to forgive and even go back and share the love of Christ with the very people who tried to wipe him out of existence?

He is a remarkable young man. He and I are strategizing how to make a dream of his come to pass. A worship conference, to help Rwanda and its spiritual leaders take the principles and power of worship to an entirely new level in this great nation.

Will it happen? Come with us next
Year and you will see. I’ll partner with that kind of resiliency fortitude and faith anytime and have no doubt that the vision he has for a worshipping Rwanda will come to pass.

That my friends is the story of Jesus and his great love.


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