Hurry up and wait


This is a phrase you hear frequently traveling. Whether in the airport or in country, the world has a rhythm and timing and it’s not always ours.

It seems you rush and rush and then wait. I personally like it. It gives me time to think, and do things like this blog.

Team is all good, we have 3 in Rwanda already and 8 of us about to join them. This team is a good one. Very passionate but laid back and cohesive.

I will continue this blog throughout our travel but there will be one leg you won’t hear from us for a while. So you’ll just have to join us and hurry up and wait.

Can’t wait to be in Africa. little hard saying bye to my girls this morning, we are just really tight, but they are always very encouraging. Like my Sydney Kate said this morning. “Go change the world dad, go change the world.” I’ll do my best Katie. With Gods help we will make a difference.


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