How to Lose a Friend


Overlook an offense and bond a friendship; fasten on to a slight and—good-bye, friend! (Proverbs 17:9 MSG)

This scripture can save you a lot of heartache, in your marriage, family and friend relationships.

Have you ever had a strained relationship and started thinking back to figure out what happened and realized the tension is empowered by some silly disagreement or offense?

It is so sad how we will lose a great relationship over some slight, or even misunderstanding.

This passage says basically if we really want to be close we will choose to overlook weaknesses and conflicts and choose to love anyway.

If we obsess over an offense or irritation with our friends and keep harping on it, and keep bringing it up. The result will be a broken relationship. How silly to lose a relationship over hurt feelings or being insecure.

I know if you are like me, relationships are important to you. We need them and want them in our lives, but friendship can be complicated and hurtful if we choose to wear our feelings on our sleeves.

How do we keep from losing a friend?

1. Forgive.

Its important that you are prepared to forgive because people will hurt you and not even mean to or even
be aware they did. If you can’t forgive and let it go you will lose the relationship.

2. Don’t talk negative about your friend.

If you have an issue with your friend communicate with them about it, get it resolved and let it go. Whatever you do, don’t get obsessed over it and talk it up. Especially not to others.

3. Realize that if you’re friends they care about you so if they hurt you it was probably an accident.

4. Realize you’re not perfect.

When we are easily offended and won’t let go of the offense, there is an unseen assertion that “we” would never do that.

Give the mercy you want to get. You’re gonna need it.

Let it go have a lasting friendship
Obsess over it and the friendship will be over.


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