Obama vs Romney


A politician recently came to my door to pitch for another politician. The way he started was to ridicule and talk negative about his friends opponent. He lost me when he went negative.

Well, it looks like Romney and Obama will be going head to head form this point till November.

I like to watch politics and for my kids to see it and understand how democracy works. However I am already getting the urge to just ignore it till its over.

If I were to advise the candidates at this point, I would ask them both to speak to solutions and changes that need to be made to put the nation in the direction of repair and progress.

I fear however that we are about to witness a political blood bath. Both sides attacking relentlessly all around the issues by personally attacking the other candidate. In my mind it doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or use others to do it it’s still just as vicious and ugly.

I fear that is what we have come to. It’s less about doing what’s right or standing on principle and more about merely winning the seat.

Saying what you mean, and meaning what you say has very little meaning in today’s political culture. Let’s face it, no matter which side your on telling lies is the norm. You can call it changing your mind if you want but truth is truth and deceit is deceit, and it sure seems convenient and timely when you change your mind.

I’m not normally cynical and don’t wish to be, nor do I want my kids to be, but this relativistic age we live in is wearing on me.

I want to be the kind of father who exemplifies honesty and integrity. Is it to much to ask that the leaders of our nation do the same?

So I implore all politicians out there, Remember what leadership is really all about and have the courage to have integrity again.



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