Try a Little Tenderness


In a world of terrorism, road rage, and mean spirited politics it can seem that kindness is a thing of the past. It can seem that no one is civil anymore.

I encourage you if you feel that way to step back take a deep breath, turn off the barrage of media negativity and think about it.

Most people are decent people, who want to get along with their neighbors and want to enjoy life. It seems that more and more we are letting that slip through our fingers.

I still believe the Bible and one prevalent principle teaches us that we reap what we sow.

Let’s all decide today to live the way Jesus taught us. “do to others as you want them to do to you.”

How to restore kindness.

1. Every morning think and pray
About who you can purposefully be kind to.

2. Decide you will do something nice on purpose to someone each day.

3. Decide to respond not react.

4. Just be nice.

Let’s bring kindness and civility back. You can stand for what you believe and not be mean about it.


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