The Secure Leader 5


Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine. (Proverbs 16:15 MSG)

Secure leaders are refreshing to those following, and their confidence makes followers feel secure in submitting to their leadership

We’ve all met those leaders who bring complication, difficulty, and demand to the table. Many of us at times have been that leader. The type of leader that is ill tempered, always irritable hard to get along with, hard to please, never satisfied. This type of leader is not refreshing, they are like the hot sun. Not the, “it’s a great day to get a tan sun,” but the “it’s hot I’m parched, where is the air conditioner sun.”

The secure leader is confident doesn’t need coercion to lead because they use vision, encouragement, coaching and positive confrontation. This type of leader is refreshing. They are like the fresh cool rain that relieves us from the sweltering heat of organizational pressures and stresses that come from challenges.

The secure leader gives confidence to those following because the more refreshing you are the more people want to follow you. If you bring answers, and positive attitude to the situation it makes it better. If you bring fear, threats, and blame to the situation no one wants to follow you anywhere.

How to become a refreshing Leader:

1. Bring solutions.

John maxwell talks about bringing water to the fire and not gasoline. Adding to the problem is not refreshing and doesn’t solve anything. Leaders turn the mountain into a mole hill.

2. Don’t jump to conclusions

Always assume the best first. There could be a real good reason for the thing you are frustrated about. Get the whole picture before you make any judgements.

3. Be a thermostat not a thermometer.

Anyone can tell the temperature but a good leader regulates it. Create your own atmosphere. When you come in the room it should change for the better. People should not want to duck you.

4. Love what you do and love the people you do it with.

Enjoy your work. No complaining, or carrying around frustration. Be happy and hopeful.

5. When you have to press make it fun and full of meaning.

Explain why you’re pressing and why it’s important and find creative ways to make it fun.


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