Secure Leaders 2


Give yourselves to disciplined instruction; open your ears to tested knowledge. (Proverbs 23:12 MSG)

Secure leaders are not afraid to hear, or implement good ideas from their team. All ideas don’t have to come from them to be used by them.

If we are not careful as leaders we begin to see ourselves as the source for our organization and everyone in it. We can become threatened by those around us who have good ideas and skills.

It’s the insecure leader that is threatened by the input of others. If we are honest we can all say at times we’ve struggled being threatened by talented people around us.

The secure leader is a wise leader because they don’t see using the ideas of others as a personal loss to themselves but an incredible gain to the whole organization.

When we are threatened by those working around us, or under us we create an unhealthy competition as opposed to a healthy cooperation.

Being secure and empowering causes, freedom to grow, high moral and positive progress in your organization.

Being insecure and controlling stifles creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.

Be a secure leader, listening to and using the ideas of others on your team and don’t worry about who gets the credit.

Remember being secure broadens your horizons and throws opportunity wide open to you, while insecurity continually shrinks your world and minimizes your potential and that of those around you.


1. Listen

If your the only one talking growth is not happening.

2. Be open

Listen for those ideas that you haven’t thought of, and don’t prejudge because it didn’t come from you

3. No defensiveness

Don’t be defensive about your own ideas. If you are, there is no chance they could be modified for the better.

4. Have a team flow

Allow your team the freedom to speak by using their ideas. If there input is never acknowledged they will stop giving it, or go somewhere else and give it.

5. Remember why they are there.

Your team is not just there to carry out tasks you give them. They are there to think, and to implement great ideas to accomplish the purpose of your organization.


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