The Secure Leader

I’ve been reflecting on the idea of leaders who are easy to follow and leaders who are hard to follow, and I’ve come upon some interesting thoughts.

The mark of a good leader is loyal followers; leadership is nothing without a following. (Proverbs 14:28 MSG)

To lead, means absolutely nothing if no one is following. As a matter of fact you can call yourself whatever you want but if people are not committed to and moved by your leadership you are not a leader, or at least you are not leading.

I know leaders who are surrounded by built in followers but are merely holding a position to which the followers are bound to follow visa vi a paycheck. What is necessary to really move things forward is true leadership.

We have all had times where we weren’t really leading. We held the position, we did the job, but did we really influence the people with whom we worked? Sadly, a lot of times we would have to answer no. It’s imperative that we are good leaders not just leaders.

Proverbs tells us that the mark, that which identifies a good leader, is loyal followers. Are those following you now loyal followers or obligated followers?

Jesus teaches us that good leadership is reflected in our ability to serve. Serving is not the stepping stone to leadership it is leadership. As a leader we never quit serving those we lead.

I’ve noticed good leaders, serving leaders, are secure leaders. Leaders who tend to be positional and hard to follow are insecure leaders. The next few blogs I write will attempt to identify the characteristics of secure and insecure leaders and how we can overcome insecurity as leaders in order to lead well, and influence followers to accomplish the vision that pushes us forward.

The following are tweets that have come out of this pondering.

>;Secure leaders are not afraid to hear, or implement good ideas from their team. Doesn’t have to come from them to be used by them.

>;The secure Leader is confident, not arogent. Authentic, not pretentious. No need to pretend when you know who you are.

>;A secure leader lifts their followers, they do not leverage their followers. They motivate they do not manipulate.

>;Secure leaders are refreshing to those following, and their confidence makes followers feel secure in submitting to their leadership

>;Secure leaders enjoy affirmation but don’t have to have it. They get their fulfillment in their purpose, not from popular opinion.

>;Secure leaders are not afraid for team members to be better than them. In their mind it equates to overall success not personal competition

For more tweets like this check out @gadberry on twitter


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