Greater Things Conference


What I’m about to say to some will seem overdone, dramatic, and overly zealous, but I’ll say it anyway. In the deepest part of myself I can hear a loud thunderous voice saying Church, wake up!

It is time for all those who call themselves Christian to be just that. Christian, “Christ Like”. The expression of the love and heart of God! The heart of God is to love people. All people, all ethnicities, all socio-economic backgrounds, everyone, everywhere!

It’s our role to heal the hurting, bind up the wounded, help those in need and share the Gospel. It’s not about anything else. It’s only about love, compassion and justice for everyone.

We are here at this conference and we have heard from some major players in the world of compassion and justice outreaches. The one thing that’s clear is God is trying to get the attention of the church to get back to His heart.

Here are are some quotes from different speakers.

“Compassion is never compassion until we roll up our sleeves and cross the street”. -ChristineCaine

“Compassion is central to Christianity not peripheral, If we are not loving our neighbor we are not loving God, period”- ChristineCaine.


“God placed the church on a battleship, and we’ve turned it into a cruise ship” – Myles Mcphereson


“We study love the least when it is the most important thing in Christianity” – Joyce Meyer

“Love is the highest form of spiritual warfare we can do” – Joyce Meyer

“You can actually hide from God in church.” – Joyce Meyer

“We’ve given our Job to the government. The government is not anointed to minister to the poor the church is.” -Joyce Meyer.


God has called us to Love. No excuses, no resistance, no inhibition. The greatest commandment is to love Him and love others.

Will you let God use you to do greater things?


2 thoughts on “Greater Things Conference

  1. Hi, Pastor Dave! John & I were able to watch part of this on the internet today as Christine Cain was speaking. I wish all pastors of all the churches had the courage to warn the people to wake up! So many churchs now are preaching the, “Prosperity” Gospel instead of all of God’s Truth. So many Christians, sitting in the churches today, are going to be so shocked when their time comes to face God’s judgment. We must all continue to pray for them to be delivered of this Spirit of Slumber! God bless you & your family!
    Shirley Cissell
    Guápiles, Costa Rica

  2. David,

    Great post! It’s not just your heart that is hearing that voice. God is speaking to many of us, and not just the conference attendees, although I believe that if we are faithful, those of us who were there will look back in a few years at this past week as a seminal moment in our own lives, in our ministries to our communities, and to the church’s impact in our world.

    Keep the fire, brother!

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