Don’t Let Life Pass You By

I’m in my hotel room after a long day of travel, started out at four This morning in oklahoma city and just starting to wind down here in central America (not saying specifically where, so we don’t give away the location of the adventure trip happening this October). Have you picked your partner yet?

I snapped this shot as we were driving to the town we are staying in tonight. This picture made me think about how many people see life this way.

As if it’s just blowing by and we have no real memories, no real moments where significance happened.

I know parents who feel this way about their kids growing up. Spouses who looked up one day and years had blurred by.

It seems the more distractions we have in our lives the worse it gets.

We are spending time with each other not being together. Letting year after year speed by without stopping to be purposeful and intentional with our lives. My family and I have made up our minds to live life, not watch it go by.

How do we get off this merry go round?


1. Stop and think.

We spend far to much time just reacting to whatever comes. We need to think and plan and be intentional. Good, significant memories don’t just happen most of the time. They are created.

2. Stop to listen.

Put down the technology and communicate in person. Some of our children are going to have memories of fun family time and envision us with our head buried in our phone.

3. Stop focusing on what was or what will be and live in the moment.

When we refuse to live in the now our life looks like this picture flying by.

There are so many more things we could stop and do that will help us live life.

One of the reasons we are planning this adventure trip is to get people to do just that. Love life, live the adventure, help others.

More details about the trip coming soon. It will be an adventure. Take a chance and live. If you are interested email us at



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