Holy Ground in a Hard Place


God said, “Don’t come any closer. Remove your sandals from your feet. You’re standing on holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5 MSG)

It’s interesting to me throughout the Bible some of the most significant moments in the men or women of God were some of the hardest times in their lives.

We could list so many, Abraham and his sacrifice, Jacob and Bethel, Moses and his burning bush, David and the run for his life, Joseph and his slavery, and imprisonment. Ultimately Jesus in the Garden of Gathsemene.

This is why it is of the utmost importance not to fear the difficult times. The key is to learn through the difficulties, realizing the hardest of times can produce the holiest of moments.

Look at Moses situation. He had been raised in pharaoh’s palace, had been taught leadership from the best worldly leader at the time.

The day came when he identified with his people and his passion overrode his wisdom and in defense of one of his new found brothers he struck an egyptian and killed him. When he realized the act became public, he ran to the back side of the desert.

He went from posh surroundings to a harsh environment. The whole transition was a vicious smack to his pride. He felt lonely, even though he had a family who loved him. He felt out of place even though he had found a new place to fit. It was in that moment the hardest and harshest of circumstances of his life led to the point he was drawn aside by the bush that was aflame that would not burn. The hard season prepared his heart for that Holy moment.

Note: Moses life was apportioned in three fairly equal parts. Forty years in the palace, forty in the desert, and forty leading the children. You can look at many others and see the same is true of them as well. This reveals to us the true of seasons of life. It’s a natural process and not to be avoided. I believe that each season we live has the purpose of preparing us for the next season. Moses was taught leadership in the first season, his leadership was refined and toughened as he shepherded sheep in the desert of Midian which prepared him to lead the Israelites in the wilderness.

What we learn from the hard season.

1. We learn humility.

Our pride is crushed, and we learn to lead by following and serving.

2. We learn to wait.

Our patience is developed as we trust God to know the best timing for every season in our lives.

3. We learn to learn.

We know we need help so we listen and learn from mentors, circumstances, the season itself.

4. We learn to submit.

We open our heart to the heart of God and give ourselves Holy to it.

The saddest thing I can think of is a person who goes through a hard season and instead of gleaning from it gets stuck in it because they refuse to learn its lessons.

When we allow the hard place to refine us it becomes our Holy ground.

Moses received Gods call, Joseph was elevated from prison to Palace, Jesus died, but rose again.

Embrace your hard place and it will bece your Holy Ground.


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