Bulls Eye


Achievement in life is much like hitting a target. We have goals and desires of things we would like accomplish. Our efforts are like putting an arrow in a bow, aiming, shooting, and hopefully hitting the target.

To fulfill our true purpose we can’t hit close to the bulls eye, or just a few inches from the bulls eye, we must hit dead center. Hit the mark. Reach the goal. So many people today are taking a strange view at hitting the mark. Being lax about having the energy, initiative, discipline, or drive to hone our skills to hit the mark. In life most of the time, “almost” isn’t good enough.

3 ways to ensure you will MISS the mark.

1. Don’t shoot.

It’s surprising how many people today have just decided rather than work hard and give it their all, they just won’t do anything. Just live life in a mediocre way, taking whatever comes. This sounds easy and restful but we weren’t made to live in a fruitless way. It isn’t easy and will not turn out well. If you don’t participate in life it won’t just go along, it will beat you up. In order to succeed we must at least shoot the arrow. If you don’t shoot you are guaranteed not to hit the target.

2. Don’t train.

In order to hit the target we must practice. We must put in the time, effort and energy to learn how to shoot, then practice shooting until we hit the target over and over again. Until it becomes repetitious. When your developed skill becomes second nature to you, then pressure will bring success not failure.

To many people especially in the information age have a lot of knowledge but not much wisdom or understanding. Being teachable is key to success and significance. You can not learn what you think you already know.

3. Don’t focus.

A lot of leaders are in this category. They know you have to shoot are completely engaged in that process.

They also train themselves by further education, engaging mentors, attending conferences and so much more. They are practicing, honing their skills, working hard and smart.

The problem is they aren’t focused. Instead of aiming at the target, they have many targets and they are trying to aim at all of them at the same time. The result of shooting at several targets at once is the unlikelihood of hitting any of them.

So how do I ensure that I will hit the target, and even the bulls eye?

1. Train.
2. Be willing to shoot
3. Focus.

With your spouse, kids, career, and most importantly your purpose train, shoot, and focus. The confidence, and power that comes with being precise is key to significant living.

Bulls eye!


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