Everyone Needs a Buddy


I heard a leader say once that the best gift you could give those following you, is a healthy you.

There’s a lot of truth to that. Many leaders today are caught up in a cycle of busy activity, high stress processes and intense relationships. There has to be some down/fun/refreshing time in your life. God teaches us that it should be once a week. How long has it been since you recharged once a week?

One thing that will help you do that is get a buddy or two. Someone who doesn’t want or need anything from you, who just wants to hang out and have fun and has no ulterior motive.

Like my dog lady, she and my little girl Syd are best of buds. A buddy is a lot like a dog in a sense.

1. They love you for just being you.

2. They just want to have fun.

3. They are great friends because they’re loyal and they don’t put pressure on you.

4. They are stress relievers not stress inducers.

Seriously leaders, it may sound weird but having a good buddy or two will go along way towards your spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

They will inadvertently keep you accountable to refresh and recharge your life.

Stress is not good for you or your organization and if it’s uninterrupted with refreshing it can take you down. Make your mind up you will not be another negative statistic and force yourself to relax. A true friend will help you do that.


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