Is Anyone Paying Attention?


I’ve learned and am still learning that one of the most important concepts in parenting is being attentive.

It is completely surprising to me how many parents and children live in the same house and pay very little attention to each other. It seems like everyone has their own thing to do.

If we aren’t even paying attention to each other in relationship then the likelihood of being attentive in how your kids are doing in school, who their friends are, what they are being influenced by is minimal.

It’s truly impossible to teach, train, and guide someone to whom your not paying attention.

What does paying attention look like?

1. Send your kids off in the morning.

Make sure there’s a morning family connection.

2. Do things with your kids they like to do.

So good conversation occurs instead of the stale “how was your day?, Fine.” lack of communication.

3. Attend school functions?

Talk to teachers, counselors, etc.

4. Connect with pastors.

Your in partnership with them to get good things our of your kids.

5. Make their friends comfortable around you.

You only really know their friends if you really know them. Hearing about them is not knowing them.

6. Talk with them before bed.

Tuck the little ones in and just set on the bed and talk with your teenager.

You wouldn’t think that being attentive is something we would need to remind ourselves of as parents, but the greatest enemy of the family in today’s culture I believe is distraction.

Don’t miss years with your children because you weren’t paying attention. Regret is something that will get your attention later.


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