I want to encourage everyone that as this year passes and another one begins we don’t get to do it over. Let’s all keep that in our minds as we live day to day and prepare for our future.

I ask my wife today how did it happen? It seems like I was college age not long ago and now I have a daughter preparing for college in 2012. It goes so fast. We want to be able to say I used the time wisely especially when it comes to family, and sense we don’t get to do it over let’s live each day to make it count.

Our prayer is that you and your family have the best year yet in 2012. Be blessed and have a Happy New Year!


One thought on “Priority

  1. Hello Gadberrys:
    Thank you for stopping by my site, thus allowing me to find yours. Yes, practicing for life is often not living life–thank you for your message–Blessings, Barb

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