I can’t get no satisfaction

We’ve all heard the song by the rolling stones. “I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, but I can’t get no, no, no, no, no…”

I truly believe one of the most dangerous adversary’s of destiny, purpose, marriage, success, or significance is discontentment. Dissatisfaction.

Satisfaction is the state of fulfillment and contentment.

It seems in a lot of humans especially those living in the western world struggle with an insatiable discontentment. No matter what they try, never satisfied, never happy.

Always want more stuff, always thinking theres a better marriage partner out there, or constantly thinking someone else’s life is better than their own, and desperately trying to match it.

The problem is discontentment tends to be insatiable. Never satisfied. It causes us to compromise our integrity, and to be absent in the moment because we are always in the future in our heads.

The great thing is, we can learn to be content. We can realize that all though we may be striving for success we can be happy with where we are. We may have dreams for our future and appreciate our present at the same time. How?

Learn to appreciate…

1. What you currently have
2. The family and friends who you do life with
3. The moment. Today.


1. The comparisons
2. The greed
3. The constant wishing for more

Your life is not about how much more you can get or you can have, but rather about what God put you on this planet to be.

Our society infiltrates our mind with the thought that we have to have more or we will be less. There is nothing wrong with prosperity but there is plenty wrong with discontentment.

Think of how ridiculous this marketing is, if you buy this car we will give you this iPad. That is indicative of this mindset. There are people who don’t have the extra money to buy an iPad who can’t afford the debt on a car, that will be motivated to get one to have the other. How about saving your money and buying an iPad?

More, more, more…nothing is ever enough.

There is freedom in contentment, in being satisfied, in learning that in all situations we can be complete and whole.

Don’t let this enemy destroy your marriage or your finances or your heart. Be willing to be satisfied, be present, and be content.

Just a thought.


One thought on “I can’t get no satisfaction

  1. It seems that we often feel like we’ve settled for something, but that’s a very different idea. The idea of settling is so negative. Also, as a teacher, I see this discontent fostered early on. “You can do anything, so do it.”

    At the same time, there is so much that I think we shouldn’t be content with, areas we need to feel the urge to abandon or pursue. I suppose that’s why we all need balance, to appreciate what we have and to seek what we still need (not want).

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