Thankful for…


The love of God, the love of my wife, the love of my daughters, my family, my friends; LOVE


His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. His perfection, and promise. His word, and wisdom. His wonder and willingness. His power and passion. His creation and compassion. His Life and love. His greatness and grace. His immensity and intensity. His purpose and plan; JESUS


Her beauty, inward and out. Her commitment to our God, our marriage, our family, our purpose and Destiny. Her mothering, authentic, loving, compassionate, graceful, wise Role model to our girls on what a real godly woman looks like. Her Friendship to me, walk, talk, live, rise above anything to overcome together. Her everything, there is nothing in her I’m not thankful for; Janae


Their grace, beauty, submissive, willing spirits. Their love for God and life. Their purpose filled hearts and dream filled passions. Their brilliance and brightness. Their caring and compassionate hearts. Their love for me and their mother and their care for others; Taylor/Sydney


Moms, dads, bros, and sisters. Grands, aunts, uncles and cousins, nieces and nephews. We have been blessed with great family in our lives. The things they’ve taught us. The prayers they’ve prayed the support they have given, and the lessons they have taught us. The love shared by us all; FAMILY


There through ups and downs, encouraging, caring and sharing. Life together. Good times and bad. Care for me, my family, and allowing us in their lives. The vulnerability of friendship; FRIENDS



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