Thanks for Nothing

Years ago when I was a children’s Pastor we had a grumpy puppet, and he would always end his conversation with the host by saying, in a grumpy voice, “thanks…for nothin!”

This guy was in a perpetual state of disappointment, which was a big laugh for the kids. The point was to teach them that being an ungrateful grumpy Gus was no way to be.

The truth is many adults I know are very familiar with this way of living. It always has to do with not letting something go, not forgiving someone, or being easily offended.

It’s so easy to do this as a human. You’ve seen people do this, to be honest we’ve all done it before.

Unresolved issues in our lives become the filter through which we see life. Someone hurts us, so we see all people through the filter of that hurt, and hold everyone responsible for something one person did that we still haven’t forgiven. So we don’t trust because someone has broken our trust. We refuse to love because someone broke our heart in the past.

We are disappointed in advance because we expect to be disappointed.

How do we take this filter off our lives?

1. Deal with the unresolved issues.
>let it go

2. Live in the present not in the past.
>viewing the present or future with the eyes of the past will lock you into a perpetual cycle of disappointment.

3. Be truly thankful.
>Stop complaining
>stop making excuses
>count your blessings

Let thanksgiving be a philosophy in your life not a date in your calendar.

Tell that attitude that’s been stealing joy from you “thanks…for nothing,” and tell God and those who love you thanks for everything.

Have a very happy thanksgiving!


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