Good is the Enemy of Great

In my family, ministry, and life I have an enemy. My nemesis tries to sneak up close to me and those around me regularly, trying to draw our lives down to insignificance. To accomplish this he doesn’t have to attack, or fight with us, but merely effect our perspective, or keep us self focused and busy.

My enemy is mediocrity. The sad part is mediocrity can be a “good” life. Living the routine uninterrupted life, of going in the same circles, meeting our own needs, providing for our own family, living our version of the “American dream.” Our circle of friends, our vacation time, our activities, our hobbies, our time, our tv shows, our whatever. Is any of this wrong? Absolutely not! Until it takes precedence over our relationship with God and His purpose for our lives.

Sadly it’s a good life but not a great life and much of the time we are happy with good which precludes our attaining greatness.

In order to reach greatness we have to aggressively break the mediocre, convenient, self centered goodness, and transform into, the reaching, loving, caring, others focused, greatness.

When God exposed me to the third world of developing nations it yanked me out of the good life into great life, it opened my eyes to helping people around the world and even people at home. It showed me that true fulfillment in life is reaching for your full potential and purpose in God, and reaching to those whether poor or rich or somewhere in between with love and hope is the key to greatness.

Right now I’m only on my way, I’ve got so much more to do for the kingdom and the purpose of God, but my family and I have decided, we will not settle for good, we will not stop pre-greatness.

Is it challenging-yes
Is it inconvenient-yes
Does it take sacrifice-yes, in every way
Is it worth it-without a doubt!

Kill mediocrity in your life, and overcome good for great.

You could start by joining us for our global reach experience this Friday night at harvestokc campus. Here is the link to get your tickets. You can change lives simply by coming to this event. Decide today that good is no substitute for great!


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