The Guardians of a Generation

I heard one of the best messages for youth pastors and leaders at the @youthamerica leadership conference last night. By my Pastor Kirk Pankratz.

This is his wheel house. He connects with with next generation ministry like no one I know. He is 53 yrs old yet has as much or more passion for the young generation and their leaders than he has ever had.

He started @youthamerica over 25 years ago and its still growing strong.

He made several statements last night that were profound. Here are some that stuck out to me.

1. The heart cry of a youth pastor must be. “I exist to bring this generation hope”

2. A youth pastor must be present in the life of their young people.

3. A youth pastor must have a compulsion to be a guardian of this young generation.

4. A youth pastor could be the last best hope for the young people of this generation.

5. What young person is waiting on us to give them the courage to do the right thing by believing in them.

Never underestimate the power of youth pastors, coaches, teachers, mentors in the life of a young person. It’s imperative that we Sheapherd this generation by, caring enough to realize the seriousness of our role and exceeding the expectations by allowing compassion for the young to consume us and carry a mandate to guide them into purposeful existence.

Youth Pastors do what you do, and God will do what He does.

Remember cool factor doesn’t equal compassion. The former may grab attention but the latter changes the world. You can have both but you can’t do without compassion.


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