Modesty is the Best Policy

On my way to a meeting this morning, I was listening to the radio, as you do, and I heard an interesting conversation.

A mother called in to the morning hosts and said she had a dilemma. She has been allowing her daughter to wear clothes up to this point that were as she put it “skimpy” this apparently was not a problem for her until recently. The reason it was a problem now for the mother was her daughter is getting a little older and had gained some weight. She wanted to know how to tell her daughter she looks bad because she’s too “fat” to wear it.

My thoughts…

I’m a dad to two beautiful, precious daughters, and the confusing messages that our society is sending them infuriate me. The infatuation with celebrity, and the philosophies that follow are infiltrating our collective psyche and having a profound negative effect on our children and especially our girls.

The problem I have with this mom is that this only became a problem when the daughter gained weight, this thinking only perpetuates the wrong mindsets that cause our girls to be confused. It’s not inappropriate because your body is yours and sacred and not for display that cheapens and objectifies you as a person, no its that if your skinny show it all, if your fat cover it up. And we wonder why our girls have esteem issues.

Parents, give your children a moral compass, based solely on principles that are not passing fancies, give them an understanding they are beautifully and wonderfully made by God not invented by the latest fads and fashions. Help them understand they have intrinsic value and the externals are far less important than the internals.

Build your kids up teaching them to respect themselves and others, not motivated by what others think and that it’s their right to hold sacred that which belongs to themselves. They are under no obligation to sell out to a society that can’t make up its own mind about what beauty is, and it’s philosophy is based on what sales not on what’s right.

It’s ok to confront your kids and say that’s inappropriate, I love you and I want you to have self respect and honor what’s important. Just a thought.

Please share your thoughts. How do you handle esteem issues with your kids?


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