Home Team

Saturday my OU Sooners lost in a surprising defeat to a Texas Tech team who played the best football in their history, they could seemingly do nothing wrong. It was their day no doubt.

Yesterday my Dallas cowboys won in a route over the St louis Rams, playing like I wish they would all the time.

It’s interesting in sport that winning and losing hinges on so many things. Attitude of players. The right coaching, whether the players “came to play” that day. So much goes in to a win, and still on some days you can have it all together and another team is just better.

In life as a Christian winning really requires 1 thing. Submission to the Coach. In this case the coach is also the star player, and He has promised victory.

Like the bible says in Romans 8 “if God is for us, who can be against us?”. The answer is, it doesn’t matter. Because God wins no matter what. No matter the opponents we may face, circumstances, enemies, temptation, fear, or the devil. God is for us so victory is ours. We have the distinct “Home Team” advantage. We win!

So I encourage you, join the team, submit to the coach, and put the check mark in the win column.


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