Mentors, motivation, & Momentum

As a 42 year old leader there are a plethora of principles I’ve learned from great men and women in my life. Things that not only taught me in that moment but for my lifetime by shaping the way I think about things.

As I tell those I mentor and disciple today a teachable attitude is the key to personal growth.

I realize at my age and the years of experience in leadership and ministry I have affords me a lot of knowledge. I do know some things. However wisdom dictates to me the older I get it seems there is still so much to learn. To be truthful in some ways I feel I am just getting started. Some risks I still want to take. Some things I’m ready to accomplish. I want to share with you a few principles I’ve learned from mentors in my life that have shaped my thinking.

I have distant mentors (people’s who’s books I’ve read and podcasts I listen to)

I have acquaintance mentors (leaders I’ve met and observe their organizations)

I have intimate mentors (leaders I know personally and glean from their teachings and personal conversations as well as watching their lives up close)

John Maxwell (dm) I have met him a few times but not to the point we are aquatinted. But his influence on me has been profound.

Principle: leadership is influence not position don’t get it confused. Serving is the key. Humility required.

Stephan Covey: (dm) read his books

Principles: base your life on eternal principles not temporal and plan your priorities not your time.

Andy Stanly: (dm)

Principle: Focus, Focus, focus. You don’t have to or want to do everything, choose your focus and give it everything.

Nick and Christine Caine: (am).

Principles: submission, passion, commitment to the cause empower you to change the world and inspire others to do the same.

Paul Scanlon: (am)

Principle: look at things from a different perspective. Don’t let circumstances or people pressure you to be something your not. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Steve and Charlette Gambille: (am)

Principle: enjoy life while intensely leading, thinking and carrying out big vision.

Kirk and Nancy Pankratz: (im)

Principles: assume the best first,
Be doggedly determined, believe in people. Be willing to put it on the line.

Terry House: (im)

Principles: every Christian is a missionary. Be calculating in the decisions you make and the risks that you take. Be a team player. Love people, make a difference, enjoy friendship and laugh a lot.

Willis Baldridge: (im)

He has passed away but I’m still learning from him. He was the first Pastor I worked for.

Principles: lead your church, pastor the whole community. Give a man enough rope he will hang himself. Care passionately about the word of God and revere the art of preaching.

These are just some of my teachers and some of the principles. Thought they might help you. Hopefully my words and my life are mentoring others.

Still learning.


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