Hey NBA think of the fans before they forget about you

I don’t pretend to know everything about the lock out or about the “business” of basketball in general. Here is what I do know. A lot of communities around the states have invested greatly in having an NBA Team.

Fans buying tickets, arenas being enhanced and renovated, some city’s even adding taxes to get it done, and downtown areas moving heaven and earth to accommodate it.

With good reason. It helps the community and economies of the cities to have a team. There is a lot of money spent and earned around those games. I heard a stat the other day that there is a million dollars infused into okc’s economy at each thunder home game. That’s revenue that will be impossible to make up if the lock out continues. How long will fans and businesses wait on things to change while owners and players are arguing over millions of dollars while small businesses and communities are losing money as a result.

I don’t begrudge in any way these teams or players making A lot of money. At what point though are these teams going to think about the communities and fans they are affecting and get back to it.

I don’t know the details but I know if the fans get tired of it tickets sales will suffer and conclusions will be drawn and it will have a negative effect on the whole league. At that point it won’t matter who’s fault it is. It will just be a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

What do you think?


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