The Symptoms of Insecurity

Insecurity is weight around our necks. It is a result of fear and immaturity. I think the most devastating part of insecurity is its ability to perpetuate itself. When we are insecure we present certain symptoms and those symptoms are contagious and cause insecurity to be spread like a communicable disease.
An example:

1. Belittling Others: a sure symptom of insecurity is making others feel inferior to make yourself feel superior. When a person is fearful or threatened by the gifts or talents of someone else they can purposefully or inadvertently insult them to create personal emotional equilibrium.

This is unfortunate in two ways. The first is it doesn’t work and ultimately reveals the insecurity of the person doing it. Second it perpetuates insecurity by making the person being belittled begin to second guess themselves and feel inferior.

How to keep this from happening?

1. Be yourself and be confident in that.

2. Learn to love the gifts in others and realize if you work together their talents will compliment yours and not compete with them.

3. If someone belittles you, understand its their problem not yours, and don’t lower yourself to participate.

Inoculate yourself from this contagion by not letting fear or immaturity rule your life.

***leaders, you lose credibility when you belittle anyone on your team. No one wins, and trust is broken.


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