Spread your wings and fly

Im a firm believer that God has created us with purpose and the ultimate fulfillment in life is to live that purpose out day by day. The way that plays out in our lives practically is through opportunities and decisions.

Each day we can decide to sit complacently, and comfortably or we can stretch, believe, risk and choose to fly.

My daughter Sydney and I go to the zoo a lot. It’s our favorite daddy/daughter spot. There is one display that bothers us. It’s the eagles. The Okc zoo has two eagles housed there that they’ve rescued. Due to injury they can’t fly. There is nothing so unnatural looking than a beautiful, majestic eagle walking around on the ground unable to soar at the heights its accustomed to.

Maybe today you feel like life has clipped your wings. That circumstances have grounded your hopes and dreams. My encouragement to you is to take a chance today, jump on an opportunity, spread your wings and fly.


1. Leave your past in the past – learn from it and let it go

2. Don’t clip your own wings – don’t allow offense to ground you – forgive

3. Make a decision – it’s our choice to sink or swim, to laugh or cry, to fly or fail. It’s up to you, what will you do. I highly recommend stretch your wings and fly.


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