Change the World

When I use the phrase “change the world” what comes to your mind? Most people think of some grandiose idealistic activity that requires so much that it is only talked about and never done. Most of the time ideas like that don’t have enough common sense to really change anything, and the worst thing about them is they keep us from doing anything.

It’s as if we say if we can’t change everything we won’t change anything, or a better way of saying it would be, what can I do?

Always remember exponential change starts incrementally and builds over a process of time.

If You want to change the world, put a shoe that fits on an impoverished child’s foot. It has medical, educational, spiritual, relational, and emotional implications.

Help us change the world. Join us for the Global Reach Experience November 18, 2011. At Church of the Harvest OKC campus. For tickets click here


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