OU Vs Mizzou

A friend gave me some tickets to go see the game last saturday and it was a great time! The atmosphere was charged with anticipation of the Sooners wrapping up the season this year as the national champions!

The stadium was packed 85,000 strong! Crimson and Cream blanketed the stadium. My wife, youngest daughter and niece came along with me and the girls made the day even more exciting as they laughed giggled and jumped every time the guns went off to celebrate a score. Shots were fired frequently but fewer times than I wanted.

The game itself was a bit strange. We won, which is great but it seemed to be out of rhythm, slow and left a lot to be desired defensively. I loved the game but it was far from just a game, when you go to the game it is definitely an experience!

The band, the crowd, the food, the video, and the teams all culminated in an amalgam of crimson and cream football mania, and they live by “The Code”


Fans are funny. You have your “die hard never miss a game” fans. You also have the “coaches in the stands” fans, your “I’m glad to be here but no nothing about football fans.”.

I heard some interesting comments, like “stoops your getting to comfortable in the nice big new home.” I have no idea what that has to do with anything but he felt strongly about it.

It made me aware that leaders have to do what they think is right, and can not be moved by the crowd. There were so many opinions and thoughts about the strategy, and they were screaming as if stoops could hear them. The dynamic is humorous. All said and done it was a great experience, and a fun time, to lead a team at that level you have to be secure and stand confidently in your plan and not be moved by the emotion of the crowd.


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