Lead Anyway

I hear this word a lot. “frustration.”. What is it? To me frustration is the differential between reality and expectation. You have certain expectations for people, situations, circumstances, and even goals. But at times your reality misses the mark. That is frustration.

Problem we have is getting focused on the frustration, which creates more frustration. We have to remind ourselves we move in the direction of our focus, so regardless of reality keep our eyes on the expectation and it will draw us to it.

If things aren’t working out just right lead anyway. If people aren’t getting it, lead anyway. If your reality has never been farther from your expectation lead anyway.

Frustration is a killer if you allow it to become your focus and paralyze your leadership.

Focus on the expectation of Gods purpose for you, and lead towards it, and regardless of people, circumstances or time, you will arrive at your expected end. Lead anyway.


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