Team is Everything

I love the church, and all it is.  One thing I like particularly is the way Jesus set the church up.  He created us all and gave us specific talents, gifts and skills, and then showed us that unity is the key to being a powerful organization.  Working together is very important.  In our world more and more the team concept gives way to a superstar mentaltity, but the truth is no one achieves greatness on their own.

As we intersect the lives of others on our journey towards significance everyone of those encounters contributes to the whole of our lives.  Whether the contribution is small or large, it effects the outcomes of our lives and influences us in one way or another.  We all, no matter how gifted or skilled, or talented we are or think we are, must realize the true path to significance is traveled with company.

I love the team we have going to AFRICA, a great group of diverse people who love God, and want to pursue his purpose in the earth.  Don’t go it alone, Team is everything.

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