Bridge Jumping

Proverbs 1:10 (msg) Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you, don’t go along with them.

I love this verse. So simply put and powerful. Problem is, I think we overlook it because of it’s simplicity. As adults I think many of us think peer pressure stops in our teens.

Which is not true. Being an adult is like peer pressure on steroids. I see so many people making bad decisions with their lives because of bad companions and their advice.

Few things to remember. People who would tempt you to do wrong…

1. Always have an ulterior motive.
2. Are always selfish.
3. Always want company so they don’t have to take personal responsibility.
4. Will always blame you, and leave you holding the bag when it comes down to it.
5. Never think long term, or about consequences, or care who they hurt, you included.

That’s why they are called “bad” companions. So I’ll tell you like you’re momma did, “if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?”. The answer for everyone wanting to have good life is NO.



One thought on “Bridge Jumping

  1. Are we all a bad influence on someone else in some way? Whether it’s life choices (say, getting them to party and get drunk) or being critical or judgmental or whatever.. are we all negative influences in some way? Do we all let people down? If so, is the difference in whether or not we’re trying to cause them to fumble or not? It seems like we’re all selfish in some way, let others down in many ways, and are a bad influence- even if well-intentioned- in some way. Is it any worse to be around some of the “good church folks” who aren’t living the talk or helping others and who are closed off or selfish or judge “wrong do-ers” and so on… than it is to be around wordly people who are into status, money, being cynical/empty, help others with charity, and such?

    Yeah, this is one long-winded question/thought. It’s interesting to think about what makes someone bad company.

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