The Power of Parenting-give them a break from you

Janae and I have learned as the parents of 16 and 9 year old girls, and having been married for over 22 years a very important help in that relationship is for us to get away every once in a while without our kids.

As I write this we are on a little break. It’s a great opportunity for them to have fun without us and for us to focus solely on our relationship.

How is this powerful parenting?

1. It gives everyone a little breathing room?

Sometimes as a family we smother each other. If your honest there are times you just get on each others nerves. Being apart for a few days, brings balance and appreciation back into the relationship

2. It is a great example to your kids of how marriage should work.

Kids operate on a monkey see monkey do mindset, they follow us much more from what we do then what we say. One of the best ways I can teach them how to choose the right man as a husband is to show them how a wife should be treated.

3. A couple needs to be refreshed and refined in their parenting skills.

When we are away we always have great conversations about our kids. Next moves and issues they are dealing with as well as what we are. It’s refreshing to talk on an adult level with out your children interrupting. Or anything else for that matter.

4. Objectivity

When your in the moment it’s hard to be self aware. We need times we can pull back and see the forest without the close blinding branches of the trees. Gain some objectivity, see how things really are.

5. Healthy parents lead children to be healthy.

I heard Paul Scanlon teach one time the best gift I can give to others is a healthy me. It’s the same with parenting. Take time to refresh yourself and you will be a more effective, happy, encouraging and objective leader and parent.

I can hear someone say right now. I don’t have the money to get away. You don’t have to take a major vacation to achieve this, and you could also achieve it by staying and sending your kids to family for a few days. Bottom line it gives power to your parenting and it should be a priority.

You may ask, what if I’m a single parent? You especially need this time. Find away to spend some time by yourself and with some friends, absent your children.

Have fun!


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