Having an Audacious, Aggressive, Attitude=Great Leadership.


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True Leadership is to go beyond the mediocre.  To raise the lid on average.  To take followers farther than they’ve been before.  It is important to realize if we want our leadership to be significant, we have to rise above the mundane, the passive, the pretentious and attack life with an audacious, aggressive, attitude.

I think it was Stephan Covey that said, “either you act on life, or life will act on you.”  When you decide to lead, you’re taking on much more than merely moving followers from point a to point b.  You will encounter, mindset struggles, and attitudinal obstacles.  Issues you didn’t know were there, and challenges you’ve never faced before, and in order to overcome and be successful on the other side of all that, you have to have audacity, which is to be bold and daring! You have to embrace being aggressive, which is to be assertive and likely to attack.  These two qualities are imparative to your attitude towards leading if you want to make a difference.

King David was just such a leader.  Even before He became king.  I’m referring to the battle between he and Goliath of Gath.  I don’t need to rehearse the whole story with you, most likely you know it or have heard it.  You can find it In 1 Samuel 17. The following are principles taken from that account, which show us the heart of great leadership.

1.  Make a decision to Fight

  • Don’t let fear rule you;  If you lead you must not be ruled by fear.  As Joyce Meyer says, “sometimes you have to do things afraid.”
  • 2 Timothy 1:7, God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind.
  • Don’t let the unexpected surprise you or scare you.  Goliath was a surprise to the Israelites and scared them, but David was not moved.

2.  Refuse to be moved by people who don’t get it

  • People don’t get it, because they are too familiar with you. They can’t see in you, what God sees in you.
  • People don’t get it because your courage reveals their fear
  • People don’t get it because they have good intentions but wrong perspectives
  • Stand your ground, don’t let anyone talk you out of your victory, do what you know God Called you to do.
  • Acts 21:11-14, well intentioned Christians attempted to talk paul out of the will of God for him, because they were afraid for him.  Love them, and let them go.

3.  See the cause in the Crisis

  • The army saw the crisis, Saul saw the Crisis, David’s brothers saw the Crisis, David saw the Cause. His brother accused him, and David simply said is there not a cause?

4.  Always remember your past conquest in God

  • God helped David kill the lion and the bear that were attacking his sheep, he could also help him defeat the giant.  It’s that simple

5.  Use the weapons God has given you. (your talents, your time, your treasure)

  • You have to give of your self, you can’t expect someone else to do it, we have to do our part. Can’t just go thru the motions. David could not use Saul’s armor, he had to go with what he knew.  A sling and some stones.  He sacrificed himself for the greater good.

6.  We conquer and prosper when we trust God and Speak our Faith.

  • David was sure God would cause him to win, so much so, that he told the giant he would take his head, and had no sword to take it with.

7.  You must act in Faith aggressively

  • David ran toward the fight.
  • David refused to deny the problem
  • David didn’t wait for the problem to come to him.
  • David didn’t ignore the problem
  • David acted in Faith and watched God do what He does.
  • Make the decision in faith, take a step of action in faith, give in faith, speak in faith, live in faith.

8.  Your influence will encourage others.

  • When David Struck the blow, the Israelites realized, although the odds were stacked against them they could conquer, so they joined the battle.  They stopped observing and started fighting.

So, in that one fight, David teaches us so much about leadership.  You can do it, have an audacious, aggressive, attitude and you’ll be a great leader.


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