What do you think, about what they Think?

Why do some people see themselves as less than, small, insignificant, without worth? I’m sure there are a lot of reasons why people see themselves that way, but i think there’s one reason why they stay locked into that view.

I believe the way we think, effects the way we view life, behave, and respond to others and this creates a cycle in our lives. A good example is the way the israeli spies who went into cannan on behalf of moses saw themselves. When Moses asked them if they were able to go in and win victory in Cannan, they said although the land is magnificent, we can’t defeat them, they said something very important. We are as grasshoppers in their sight, and our sight also. Meaning they saw themselves as small and insignificant, therefore unable to apprehend the promise of God. It didn’t matter that God had proven his power over and over, they could not move forward, because of the way they saw themselves.

The question is how do we see ourselves, and what is that producing in our lives?

Think about this process. The way we think determines the way we behave. Our behavior evokes certain responses from people. Those responses reinforce the way we think.

Example:  A person thinks no one likes them, they are a social outcast.  If that’s what they think, when they go out in social gatherings, the way the posture themselves, and the look on their face says very clearly to people, “I don’t want to be approached.”  (There thinking is effecting their behavior).  As a result people stay away from them, or are awkward around them.  (there behavior is evoking a response).  The response reinforces their original belief, “People don’t like me.”

We can all relate to this cycle in our lives on different levels in different ways.  What is important is that we realize it starts with the way we think.

How do we break this cycle and begin to think in ways that will cause us to move forward in life and stay away from this downward spiral?

1.  Begin by having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Knowing Jesus helps you truly know yourself.  God created you and wants to have a relationship with you.  He created you with purpose, and wants to redeem the purpose with you and give your life meaning.

2.  Begin to think of yourself the way God does.

God sees you with the eyes of potential.  The Bible said you are made in the likeness of God.  It also says that we are beautifully and wonderfully made.  God loves us, wants to be in relationship with us, and has a destiny for us.

3.  Discipline your mind to think positive thoughts about your life and purpose and your behavior will follow.

If you think Right, Your behavior will be positive, peoples response will be favorable, and that will reinforce the way you think.

4.  Always remember the only opinion that actually counts, is God’s.

Don’t let other people determine our destiny, let Gods thoughts rule in your heart and mind.

What are your thoughts?  Please Share…


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