Thinking for the Future, living in the Present.

It seems that much of the time there are two different types of leaders.  On the one hand you have a leader who can forecast, they think far into the future, and see what direction the organization needs to go.  They can set goals out in the future and allow them to pull the organization forward.  Or you have the leader who can seize the moment, they can take advantage of the opportunities of the day.  They let tomorrow take care of itself and they work hard for today.

I think a great leader is a person who can do both.  A great leader realizes that in order to reach those goals in the future, we must put them in bite size pieces and work on them each day.

Its unfortunate when leaders spend all there time dreaming about the future and never spend time doing anything today to get there.  On the other hand its sad to see a leader who is very practical and gets the job done, but doesn’t have a meaningful existance and loses sight of where they’re going because they’ve forgotten to consider the future.

My goal as a leader is to think for the future, while living in the present.  Realizing that the decisions I make and the actions I take today have a profound effect on tomorrow. Here are three ways to Think for the future, while living in the present.

1.  Don’t get so caught up with daily busy work and forget to take time to truly meditate on where you are going.

2.  Never underestimate the power of the routine, day to day actions that work together to build the future you are dreaming about.

(don’t resent the normal day to day activity that seems mundane, without it, you can’t realize the dream)

3.  Think and live with a high level of passion.

(be passionate about every day, and its opportunities and be passionate about your future)

So think about the future, but in doing so don’t forget to seize the moments of today, and live in the present, but make sure you are thinking about where you are going.

Remember its all your today’s added up that equal your future.

Book recommendation:  Today matters, by John Maxwell


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