Producing Potential in People (Leader grab a shovel and dig)

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Potential is like buried treasure.  Leaders have a responsibility to dig it up.  Whether it is leading as a parent, a business leader, a manager, teacher, or Pastor.  Whatever kind of leadership role we function in, one of our primary duties is to get a shovel and dig.  We are digging for hidden treasure.  That gold under the surface.  At first glance all you see is dirt, but as you dig and move the dirt out of the way, you see all kinds of Gold and Jewels in the lives of those we lead.

The sad part about potential is that in most people’s lives it’s unrealized.  It’s hidden in the deep recesses of a persons fear or lack of confidence, or even opportunity.  As a leader I see it as my job to help unearth all of that great treasure in a persons life, so they can become everything God created them to be.  When we lead people, it can’t just be about getting them to do what we need done, or even about what our organization needs from them, it must be about the greater cause of fulfilling God’s purpose in them.

Our job is to grab a shovel and dig.  How do we dig out the dirt and get to the treasure?

1.  Become a master at seeing the potential in a person.

You’re a treasure hunter.  When you look at people you should view them with the eyes of what they could be.

2.  By getting them to realize there is more in them then they think.

Speak encouragement in the lives of those you lead, not flattery but true acknowledgment of their strengths, even if they are not fully visible yet.

3.  Give them practical ways to see and use the potential that is in them.

Put them in a role where they will get a win.  Where they can excell and it can be apperent to them and everyone around them, they could really do something great.

4.  Realize that this treasure called potential has to produced, it has to be mined.

Its a process, you have to dig through the dirt, not stopping to judge or criticize.  Confront when necessary but only to get to the gold.  Teach, train, dig, encourage, and once you get to the Gold, you have to polish it, value it, spend it.

It’s a shame when people with great potential never realize it, and its usually because they don’t have a leader in their life willing to see past the dirt, and dig to the treasure.  So if you’re a leader, start digging, and remember when you dig you’re realizing the potential in your own life.


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