Who’s Shoulders are You Standing on? Part 2 – My Dad

As I continue this series, i am realizing more and more that the things these men have taught me are very hard to sum up.  There are so many things, so I am trying to think it through best I can, and come up with the most prominent and impacting principles.

My Dad, Pastor Ron E. Gadberry, is a brilliant man, a prolific writer, and a good Son, Husband, Brother, and Dad.  The things my dad taught me or the things a Dad is supposed to teach His children.  He has taught me through his example, as well as his words many different things.  I want to share with you the ones I feel are most important.

#1  Taking responsibility is the Key to Integrity.

I am so thankful that He taught me this.  I see so many people who struggle with this today.  Especially in my generation and my kids generation.  My dad taught me that if you do the right things you are blessed for it.  Sometimes when you do the right thing the immediate response doesn’t feel like a blessing, but in the long run it will pay off.  He taught me that even if it doesn’t pay off, you should do the right thing, because its the right thing to do.  Just the other day my wife said to me, “David, I’m thankful that you are a man of integrity, and that no matter what you will do the right thing, even if its hard.”  My Dad taught me integrity.  There is a right and a wrong, its better to do right.  When I was growing up I didn’t always make the right choice, but as a man I have and its because of the importance placed on integrity in my home.

#2  He taught me that love is more than a feeling.

The feelings that love evoke are great, and we all having them, but the truth is love itself is not a feeling but a choice.  A choice to serve another.  A choice to care enough to think of other before self.  To sacrifice on behalf of others even when they don’t deserve it.

#3  He taught me that there are consequences to negative choices.

I used to hate to hear him lecture on me, about choices and decisions, but now I am so thankful for those talks.  Those times that when I was making all kinds of bad choices he persistently would tell me and show me the consequences of my actions.  I know people right now, he don’t seem to have that understanding, thinking that the choices they make selfishly will not have any repercussions.  This helps me to really think things through.  To really mull over decisions I make, because I think, “if I do this, this will happen,”  “If I do that, that will happen.”

#4  He Taught me to pray for my kids, and pray where they can here me, and speak blessing over them.

I can not tell you the nights I would come in that I would here he and my mother praying for me.  I cant tell you the times that he would pray over me, to help me.  Praying over my kids has caused a huge bond with them, and speaking blessing over them.  He always would tell me how proud he was of me.  When there was really no reason to be.  Doing this in the lives of mydaughters has caused them to reach to higher levels and really believe that God has a purpose for them.

#5  He taught me to be affectionate.

He showed me that you can be a “man’s man” a tough guy, and affectionate too.  Studies have been done that show how powerful affection is, especially Husband to wife, and father to children.  It has a Profound impact.  It has served me well in family and ministry.  Loving and expressing love are two different things.  Most of the time the people you love won’t know it, unless you express it.

So, I am standing on the shoulders of my Dad, and it is my goal in life to make him proud, and to let him know that I will carry on those legacy’s that he has left in me.


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