Who’s Shoulders are You Standing on?

I heard a message recently that stirred my heart. it was by Paul Scanlon from abundant life church in Bradford, England. He is one of my favorite communicators, he always has a different perspective, sees things a bit different than normal. His messages are well thought out.

He said this in the message Who will Love the Legacy? “you are not an original.”. yes as we grow and develop we will do things and see things differently than those who have come before, but if we are wise we will not be arrogant in our efforts, realizing we are standing on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before us, we are not an original.

So being the grandson of a pastor/evangelist, and the son of a pastor, and the spiritual son and associate pastor to a great pastor, I have big shoes to fill and Great shoulders to stand on. My next three blogs will be dedicated to the major principles each of these men have taught me.

I hope it helps you.


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