New King James Version

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Mark 5:36 (NKJ) says, “as soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagouge, ‘do not be afraid, only believe’.”

I love the single mindedness of this scripture.  This man’s daughter was reported to have died.  He is facing the most traumatic of circumstances.  His trusted servants came to tell him, “don’t bother the master anymore there is no need, there is nothing he can do, your daughter is dead.”  Can you imagine the devastation.  He must have felt guilty, “why didn’t I try to get here sooner?”   He must have felt angry, “Why did Jesus stop to help someone else, when He knew my daughter was dying?”

Jesus says something that is remarkable.  Two words.  Only believe.  These two words imply a whole lot more than is appearent.  To say believe, would be to say keep your faith, be encouraged, don’t let this outcome get you down.  He didn’t say believe however.  He said, “ONLY believe.”  Which implies, don’t do anything else but believe.  Don’t fear, don’t doubt, don’t be condemned, don’t be stressed, don’t be pressured, don’t be diverted, ONLY BELIEVE.  Which is to say, nothing’s changed, I am the same, now, as I was before she died.

One translation has it this way, “don’t listen to them, trust me.”  I love it!  So today, whatever your facing?  Whatever you may be going through, or need God to do in your life.  ONLY Believe.  Be single minded!  Don’t listen to the world, the doubters, the fear mongers, or the well intentioned friends who don’t get it.  Only believe.  DON”T LISTEN TO THEM, TRUST HIM!


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