Talk is Cheap, Action is Priceless…

I’ve been home a few days now from Cambodia, and have been so excited about the response of people who have kept up with what we are doing in Asia and Africa. First of all thank you to all of you who are praying for us, and for the work that is being done on these continents.

I think we live in a time that is prime for making a difference in our world. The world continues to get smaller and smaller, and more people are getting it. The church is waking up to the responsibility we have to cary the Gospel throughout the world. I love the way we get to carry it. We always Teach and preach, but we also reach. We reach out to people by helping meet real day to day needs in their lives. Its the way Jesus did things and its the way we should do them as well.

James says that faith without works is dead. If you say to someone who is naked and hungry, go your way and be clothed and filled but don’t give them clothes or food, what good does that do. No good at all. So for us to carry the love of Jesus without the corresponding action is nonsense.

Thanks for getting it. Thanks for praying, giving, going, and sharing the Love of Jesus around the world, to all those that are. Not just Harvest but so many great partners out there who are doing kingdom work tirelessly and significantly.

Lets not forget, that the principles we use in global reach, are the same principles we can use right here at home. Your neighbors, friends, relatives, and acquaintances, all need to hear, and see the love of Jesus in action. Our world is looking for the authentic Christian. The real deal, and that is what we can be, and when we are it reaches, it ministers it helps those around us.

I have said before that it is amazing to me, how similar different cultures are, and because of that similar things reach people. So today, use the kindness and love of Jesus, to show someone you care, it could be the very thing that changes their world forever.


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