Where would they be?

I was talking with my friend Landon this morning about sharing the experiences we have when we’re doing ministry around the world. It’s very important we share the things we are accomplishing, so people know their investment is worth while, but, as I was telling him, it is truly hard to communicate this experience. I can easily tell you that we are clothing, housing, feeding orphans and street kids, but its hard to convey the depth of emotion experienced when you look into their eyes, or when you play games with them.

I can easily tell you that we shared the love of Jesus with them, we sang songs, we told stories, played games, and had a huge party for them giving them all kinds of supplies, clothes, shoes and much more. However it is incredibly hard to relay the look in their eyes when they receive the gifts or the gratitude they express. Its very difficult to explain my feelings when a young man named Ritsol (weet saul) Says, “Pastor David, I love you so much, and I look at you as if you are my father.”

Its not hard at all to tell you that we bought the hope center an american appliance, (washing machine) so the laundry for 24 orphans wouldn’t be so difficult, but I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the smile on Vat dai’s face as we watched us bring it in. A woman so strong to be the mother to all of these kids. So I can tell you what we do, but I don’t think I could ever really express the experience itself, I think you’ll have to come here or on any global reach for justice outreach and see for yourself.

I would like for you to know however that w/out help these boys and girls very likely would be in the streets. They would be hungry most of the time, and definitely not getting an education. They would exist in a level of filth that is incompressible to most of us. Its very possible they would be dead, or being trafficked for prostitution or work. What is for sure, is they would not be cared for, because they would have no one to care for them, they would have to care for themselves. Thank God for directing us here. Thank God for all of those who give. Thank God for the lives of these precious boys and girls. They are now being trained to be leaders of the future of Cambodia, they are now being educated, spiritually matured, loved, fed, and housed because although we can’t do everything, we can do something, and what we refuse to do is nothing! To God be the Glory!


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