Today I was reunited with my friend Sochan. He is truly a powerful young man. Since our visit here last year, he has increased incredibly. Last year he had about 5 different area church plants. In one year, he now has 26 church plant locations. He is feeding around 500-600 children a week, he leads many other pastors, and has influence with a lot of pastors in this area. He is a humble leader and he and his wife Esther have two children of their own, and also have 30 orphans that live in the hope center beside their home.

Later i will share with you more of the vision that he has and post pictures for you to see. It is really remarkable. The point of this particular blog is simply this. When you have vision, and act on it, it gives people hope. He has incredible vision, and his vision applies directly to a better life for many. Hope is a rare commodity in the developing world, but when you have people with vision, hope is in abundant supply.

Be watching for more thoughts on Pastor Sochan, and the work here in Kampong Thom. Tomorrow we will be teaching and training about 150 pastors that he has gathered, its my prayer that we are a real help to them. We will give them vision, and we know it will bring them hope.


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