Great Pastors of a Great Church in Cambodia

Pastor Jesse and Soar McCaul in my opinion are some of the best pastors In the world. They are a young couple of about 30 years old, who in the last four years have taken their church from 400 to over 1000. They have 121 small groups, they have some of most dynamic, fun, and powerful services I’ve been in. There is no doubt the presence of God and the plan of God is active in their life and ministry. Their Church New Life Fellowship of Churches, has planted 60 churches all over the provinces of Cambodia. They plant a church only in communities where there are not other christian churches. They go to places where people have not heard the Gospel. It truly is a revolutionary movement of God throughout Cambodia. I love this Church its leaders and its people. Their creativity in reaching out and drawing people in, in soul in soul winning efforts, in helping the community is unprecedented. These two and their great team are literally changing their world. The best part, they are the most unassuming, humble people. They truly love God, love people, and love the church. I am privileged to be their friend, and really they are more like family to me now. Our families are knit together. Be watching cause God is doing something in Cambodia.


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