Party Time!

We’ve had a terrific day here in Kampong Cham Cambodia. We’ve been working with Pastor Meng Hong at the Hope center here. What a great couple he and his wife are. They are currently caring for 24 orphans as well as their 2 children. He is a great steward, and a grateful friend.

He is making an addition to the hope center to make room for the new children. We have all been working together today, the children right along with everyone else. We have had a lot of fun. We moved rock and sand to create a foundation for a concrete floor, we painted some doors and windows, planted some new plants and added some landscaping.

Pastor Travis in true FCO fashion bought bicycles for the orphans. Now we are cleaning up, and getting ready for one of the best party’s I have ever been to. You may have been to some great party’s in your day, but let me tell you none can compare to this. We do this every year, and I think it is anticipated as much by us as it is the children.

We will go tonight, and play games, have different game centers, do the girls hair, and nails, play ball with the boys, there will be art projects and just a lot of fun. Then we get the opportunity of giving them a huge blessing. It is like the biggest Christmas fest you have ever seen. We poor on the gifts. 3 brand new pairs of clothes for each kid, couple pairs of new shoes, all of their school supplies, and then various other gifts that they need and want. It is literally one of the greatest days of my year. The looks on their faces when they say the generosity of the friends from America, the gratitude is truly unreal.

So all of you who have supported someone on this trip, or gave to Project funds, Thank you! You have truly made a difference in the lives of these kids, You have given them a future. Without help, they would not make it. God bless you!



One thought on “Party Time!

  1. Great to hear lot of good thing at the hope center. I’m sure every year you have brought to the kids with joy that they had never had before. Thanks for making a different in these kids lives.

    Looking forward this Sat at YO!

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