Summer @ Harvest

This summer has been incredible at harvest. Starting with the GFC, Pastor Nancy and her team put together a powerful conference so many ladies from each of our campuses and from churches around the region were empowered and encouraged.

Two days after GFC our Global Reach for Justice Africa team went to Africa. We held a leadership conference and medical clinic in Rwanda, and built an education building. It was life changing for many Africans and all the team.

While the team was still in Africa, we had our Youth America Kids Camp, a huge success! Pastor Phil and the team conducted a great camp experience for hundreds of elementary students. Many decisions for Christ, and leadership development for kids leaders from other churches.

Immediately following kids camp was our Foster kids camp. this is a camp free for foster kids ages 7-11. We treat them like royalty. 60 foster kids and families were blessed by this week. Allison Morris did a great job leading the team to create an awesome atmosphere for each of these kids.

The very next week we started the Youth America Youth camps. 3 weeks of the most powerful camps we have ever experienced! The batton was passed to Grant and Monica Pankratz, and they and their team did an outstanding job, leading the beginnings of a movement that I believe will ultimately effect the nation. There were thousands of campers and hundreds of decisions for Christ. The speakers were first rate, and God showed up.

During all of that all of our campuses are showing signs of growth and enjoyed a great series called “Dream Big,” as well as the Fantastic four weekends. four weekends where we streamed live to each campus four guest speakers. It was fantastic and we just wrapped that up with Dino Rizzo.

We are about to graduate our first class of NGI, and receive our second, and wrapping up the summer outreach with a Global Reach team going to Cambodia.

Now we are starting a new series called the “Power of We”. I can’t imagine the results. Thanks to all the volunteers of harvest who realize we are the church and were highly involved. Thousands of volunteer hours were put in this summer and it’s made a huge difference in the lives of so many.

We glorify God for all He has done and the privelege it is to be used by Him to help others.


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