Dream Team….RWANDA/UGANDA…Global Reach for Justice

I’m back at home, getting back in the groove of an already fast paced summer of ministry. This week we are having our Foster kids camp, which in itself is a life changing experience, for America’s orphans, foster kids. It is already going well, and 61 foster kids ages 7-11, and a host of around 100 volunteers are gathered on our lower campus. This experience for them is life changing. I’m so proud of our church for caring for those who are hurting and need love. Its not about us though, its all about the glory of God. This is what the word says that Christians should do, and we do it, because we want to reflect the heart of God to man. Jesus loves the world through us.

The team we took to Africa really grabbed a hold of that thinking, and did such a great job, through ministry, and practical help showing the people of Africa that God loves them, and wants to empower them to become everything He intended for their lives.

What a team, I call them the dream team. While we were there it was very hard to get pics up and video so I was unable to show many pics, but now i can, so here you go.
Dante’ Sterling, what a great guy! He was a lot of fun and kept everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. He was a hard worker as well, always learning and developing as he was reaching out to those who needed help. He was great in the clinic, and building the Classroom. He was a great part of the team.

Sam Layman is an incredible young man. He is a husband and father of 2 boys. This is his second trip to Africa with Global Reach for Justice. He is an efficient worker and an integral part of the team. He truly made a difference not only in the lives of the African People, but in the lives of his team mates. Sam is a quiet, secure leader who leads by example.

Cindy Carreno, what a great team leader. Cindy was a huge part of the planning for this trip, and managing the medical clinic, she fought a hard battle with customs, finally getting our meds in and we were able to see hundreds of people in the 3 half day clinic. She is a hard worker, a positive influence, and truly has a heart for Africa.

Sean Kilgore, an impressive young man who truly cares about people. He is 18 yrs old, and could have been doing a lot of things with his summer, but he chose to go to Africa to help those in need, and this is not new for him, he spends a lot of time thinking about how to help others and helping them. I was really impressed with Sean and consider him a friend. He is a world changer, no doubt.

Stephanie Hesser, she was also a part of leadership team, and was a very important part of our planning and organization of the trip as a whole, she is invaluable as a team leader and player. She is the assistant campus pastor at our Stillwater campus and she truly loves and cares for people. She was tireless in her efforts. She has a vision to help the people of Africa and she is succeeding.

Joe Reed is a strong leader and a problem solver. He lead the band and music at the pastors conference and ran into several obstacles but he worked it through and made it happen. He was great with the kids and worked hard in every aspect of the trip and he was an incredible encouragement to the team.

Susie O’daniel is a fighter and a hard worker. She overcame so much to take this trip. She has a willingness to do whatever is needed. She played a significant role in many areas on this trip. Her compassion is great and her heart is real in its desire to help others. She is a great team player.

Genora Spain is the praise and worship leader at our MWC campus, and did a terrific job on this trip pulling three different groups together to create strong and anointed praise and worship. She is a strong worker and a significant leader. Her heart is tender and she is moved with compassion.

Wylie Merritt, the thought that comes to mind when i think of Wylie is “heart of Gold.” He is truly a man who loves people, and cares about their condition in life. He worked hard along side the rest of the team, enjoyed himself and has an infectious laugh. He is a good man.

Heather Knowels has to be one of the hardest working people i have ever seen, she definitely gave it her all on this trip. She is a pediatric icu nurse and is in the right field, she cares about kids and their well being. Great asset to the team.

Ashley Ledford, she was absolutely in her element on this trip. She is vibrant, ecnouraging and incredible with kids. She was able to contribute to the organization of the clinic by teaching a community health class, and organizing the children. She is a great teacher. Hard worker and always smiling.

Scotty Haynes or Norman Campus Pastor. He is a great leader, and one of the most positive people I know. He is a true optimist and in this kind of ministry that really comes in handy. He was a true help in many ways on this trip, and brings a level of maturity that develops the leaders around him.

Greg Willis, aka “Big Man” Greg was great on this trip. A lot of fun, and a hard worker. He brought a high level of leadership and work to the trip. He was constantly developing and growing through the process.

This team was truly a joy to lead, hard working, compassionate, full of faith, unified, and flexible. True servant leaders. Thanks to all those who supported them, and to those who gave towards the projects of Global reach for Justice. You truly made a difference in Africa.



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