Christianity around the World…

I am always amazed at how I can cross into other cultures and so easily connect in relationship with Christians there. Its because we belong to the same family. We are not so much interested in the cultures of our nations, or people groups, but we are enamored with the culture of the cross of Jesus Christ!

We have so many great relationships that we have built over the years so far, and God is opening the door for new and exciting relationships. Our whole team has gotten very close with each other and have connected with the local teams here as well. You can not be treated any better than the watoto ministries have treated us. What a great day. So we come across the world, we find brothers and sisters of other nationalities, but their praise is the same as ours, there concerns are the same, their passions are the same, when I go abroad I never think of how different people’s are, I think more on how similar we all are to each other. We have truly connected with the body of Christ in Africa, and together we are going to partner, to make a huge impact on this part of the world.

Very sweet thing happene today. We went to a place called BBeara, this is one of the first villages that watoto put up. While we were touring it, and looking around, a young man 14 yrs old but standing about 6 ft, walked up behind Greg and I. Greg turned and saw him, and said, “Hey I know you” He had recognized him from his photo, because Greg sponsors him. It was a great renuion, and an awesome time for Greg to see, what we are doing makes a difference.

Today if we will open our hearts, and hear the voice of God, He will use us to bring positive change to all those around us.

God bless

PS we will be coming home tomorrow.


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