Building Lives…

We worked at Watoto today. This is my second time, and it feels like the first. What an experience. The compassion, inspiration, call, and vision of this place is extraordinary, the way they do things, the things that they do, and the faith they practice is truly powerful. The team is so inspired and they have worked so hard. We will be finished a day earlier than we thought. I feel like I’m with a team like the Israelites working with Nehemiah, “these people have a mind to work!” I will be putting on some pictures of the team working in Uganda soon, probably tomorrow, but for now I would like to put some others up from Rwanda, and feature of few of the team. We have already talked about Scotty, and Ashley, Joe, and Wylie, so here are some thoughts and pics about others on the team.
Genora has been great leader on this trip. God is using her in big ways. In Rwanda at the pastors Conference and night services, she and Joe worked together to pull local musicians, singers, and dancers together and with a few people on our team and making one group out of them, and we had some great moments in Praise and worship, and let me just, the girl can lay some brick now. None of the guys have anything on her. She is a powerful asset to the team. She has a team mindset.


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