Great Team….

Here we are in Uganda, we had orientation today at the watoto church and then went to the village to build. Wow what a great experience. The whole team did well. They told us we are fast and organized and the were excited about how we did. So we have two more full days of building and can’t wait to get at it. This team is really good, I know that I keep saying that but its true.

The watoto organization is one of the most impressive organizations I have ever seen. I will talk more about them later. Here are some of our team on this trip. Wylie was great with the kids at the clinic. He is making a great contribution to the team… Pastor Scotty, a man of many talents. He is been such a great leader on this team, he has a huge heart for people. He has been very inspired, and he Is very inspiring.

God is using us, and helping us help people. More to come. if you are wonder why i am not putting everyone up at once. The internet is real slow and it takes forever to upload pics. Keep watching your loved one she show up soon. They are all doing so well, and you would be very proud of them. Keep praying for us. God bless you!



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